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Dr. Feelgood European Tour Pass

Dr. Feelgood European Tour Pass

Nikki Sixx's laminate tour pass for the Dr. Feelgood European Tour. The band kicked off the European leg of the tour in Essen, Germany, sober and trying to keep their lives together. Tommy Lee explained in The Dirt: "We didn't hang out, we didn't party, we didn't stick our dicks where they didn't belong. We just flew into a city, played our asses off and got the fuck out of there." The pressures of life on the road eventually got the better of the Crüe, but the tour was a big hit with fans, despite the physical and emotional toll on the band.

​All Access Pass, Laminate, 3.5 x 4.5 inches, 1989​

​From the Collection of Nikki Sixx 

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