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Young Monsters of Rock

Young Monsters of Rock

All-areas laminate pass from the Monsters of Rock festival, 1984. The crowd of 65,000 people at Castle Donington may have started off by hurling cups of piss on the stage (as was the fashion at the time) and even some liver and a random livestock eyeball, that just reminded the band of home. During a post-show interview with BBC's Whistle Test, Nikki explained, "At our concerts, we ask our audience to throw shit at us." Vince agreed, "We love it. Because that means they wanna get close to you. Whether they wanna get close to you to beat your face in, or they wanna get close to you to get to know you, at least it's like - closeness."​

Many years later, Vince would reminisce, "We won everybody over and convinced them we were a real rock n roll band. Great concert."​

​All Access Pass, Laminate, 2.5 x 4.25 inches, 1984​

​From the Collection of Nikki Sixx

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