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"Looks That Kill" Set Band Portrait

"Looks That Kill" Set Band Portrait

Vince, Mick, Tommy, and Nikki on set for the "Looks That Kill" music video, Los Angeles, 1984. The video boosted the Crüe's popularity into popular culture and altered MTV's direction away from New Wave towards a heavier rock aesthetic. Photo: Barry Levine

On a break from filming, Nikki explained the video concept: "It could be a city of the past, a city of the future...we are the survivors of it, maybe a nuclear war...there are these women running wild, and we are the warriors....there is one woman here (played by singer/songwriter Wendy Barry) who is the goddess...together we have the looks that kill."

35mm Slide, 1984

From the Collection of Mötley Crüe

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